Orders & Returns

  • How Do I Place An Order?

    Placing an order can only be done via call. Once we have confirmed payment , the products will be dispatched according to the customers wishes.

  • How Can I Cancel An Order Or Return It?

    Orders cannot be cancelled once they have been dispatched.

  • Can I Somehow Track My Order?

    Usually it takes one day for delivery so theres no need for tracking the order.


  • Which Payment Methods Are Available?

    Payment can transferred to our bank account or pay cash to one of our office in lahore.

  • Is Buying Products Online Safe?

    We have been selling sewing machines since early 1970s. We have a good reputation about being trustworthy. We assure you once payment has been made , the products will be delivered.

  • What If My Payment Fails?

    If the payment fails , the products will not be dispatched.


  • Which Shipping Methods Are Available?

    Depending on which city , we can send the products to the appropriate transportation company/Adda . We can also use Pakistan Postal Services or Tcs if required by the customer.

  • Do You Ship Internationally?

    International Shipment is Available.

  • What Is the Average Delivery?

    If transportation Companies/ Adda are used then the cost is approximately 100 - 1000

Still got a question? Please, don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact form. We are happy to help you!